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I need new ideas

Sun Feb 26, 2017, 2:42 PM
Basically I feel like i drew everything that I've ever imagined of, and clearly i need new approaches. Post below whatever idea you have, I'll reply to if i was interested

Here are examples of my work:

Far From Home by GreenIbr

 Valor by GreenIbr

 Risk by GreenIbr

 Sniff Sniff by GreenIbr

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Fundelstein Featured By Owner Edited 14 hours ago  Hobbyist Writer
Is there something you have never thought to try before? Something you never considered?

While I'm at it, I'll drop a few:

1. (put her on a stage if you can)
2. Want a couple? ~ Woman: same girl -; Man: basic appearance - (mole under his left eye); Outfits:; Pose - perhaps sitting down and hugging each other???
neurotrashy Featured By Owner 16 hours ago  Hobbyist General Artist
perhaps horror movie killers like Jason and Michael Myers if you're up for it--

possibly like a worm's eye view of Myers, with the knife covering almost half of his face in the rain..?
FlyingPrincess Featured By Owner 17 hours ago
Do you do KH OCs?
oooooooh my god, that are is so dang pretty. how have i never heard of you before?

hmm...... i don't know if you are asking ideas for fanart or can do OC's, so... think you can try my characters eTu'nes?…
GabeDDRWatcher Featured By Owner 18 hours ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Could you please draw Christy Ryan (from TIME CRISIS II)… exercising her fighting style on Eddy Gordo (from the Tekken series)… ?  Both characters are owned by Namco Bandai Entertainment.
WolfiesWhiskers Featured By Owner Edited 18 hours ago  New Deviant Hobbyist General Artist
Wow, you have such amazing art. I don't necessarily have solid ideas but I have ideas on how to get ideas. 

1. make stuff in MS paint. Backgrounds help me think of ideas and once you master MS paint you have pretty much mastered art. Using MS paint is hard but also inspires me to create better drawings in other programs. 

2. Read books. Reading books may inspire you to draw scenes from books or even create new ideas. 

3. Looks at other art. Looking at other artists art may inspire you. I'm not saying copy art but just look at it.

4. Improve on old/ bad art. I'm not saying your art is bad but there is always room for improvement!

Hope these ideas helped. :3
Misfitts Featured By Owner 18 hours ago  Hobbyist Writer
What about a sleepy dragon laying on his back in the middle of a forest during the night with lots of shiny flowers around him, between skulls and bones and on his belly? 
OxEdenxO Featured By Owner 19 hours ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Well based on your examples I see you like Kingdom Hearts ;;w;; 

Maybe what you could draw is Sora in the beginning of the game, trying to decide what took he will use on the journey throughout the game (Sword, Sheild and I forget the other actually) 

but mayhe somwthing like rhat woild be interesting? 
Salicos Featured By Owner 19 hours ago  Hobbyist General Artist
If possible could you draw one of these babes?

I'm Too Famous \\ Morph Ref by Salicos   Shipley Ref by Salicos  i would love u forever
Belgian-Cookie Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
could i request a character to draw? or is that not like

a thing xD

i have plenty of chill designs you could draw rip

unless if you want me to request like a real thing thatisnt my things xD
UndeadSentinel Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Try drawing sports highlights, but with fantasy characters as the players, that would be hilarious and cool~
Sairendipity Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Sooo are you looking for requests?
GreenIbr Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
more or less
Sairendipity Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Wanna try drawing my beast?…
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